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In this episode Chris addresses a particular frustration for business owners in the lawn and landscape industry: working too many hours while not making enough money.

We discuss:

  • The purpose and reason for operating a business
  • Topline revenue vs. bottom-line profit
  • The concept of Limited Capacity
  • The principles of supply and demand

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In this episode of Smarketing Talk we discuss content marketing for lawn care and landscaping companies with a test if it's thoughtful or thoughtless.

Chris Heiler, CEO, and Chad Diller, Director of Client Success, of Landscape Leadership offer up some timely, practical sales and marketing advice landscape industry professionals will find valuable during these trying and unusual times.

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Lawn and landscape industry companies are still making some basic, but big, mistakes when it comes to SEO. We dive into those in this episode of SmarketingTalk.

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Using social media to market your lawn and landscape industry business. Tips for using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for landscapers and lawn care companies.

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I was just hired as the marketing director for your landscaping company. What will my first six months look like? How will I convince my boss to do what I want to do?

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There's a big difference in how you market your services in the lawn & landscape industry depending on the audience you serve, residential or commercial (B2B).

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In this episode of Smarketing Talk we discuss the best ways to use professional video and photography when marketing your lawn and landscape industry company. We talk best practices and discuss the cost of hiring a professional videographer and photographer.

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There is much to consider when hiring a marketing agency. When should you hire an agency? How much will an agency cost? How do you find a good one?

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In this episode we discuss the pros and cons of hiring full-time marketing help in-house. What should the role look like? What skills and experience are required? What about compensation?

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It's supposed to be liberating talking about our mistakes. At least that's what I've heard. In this podcast I share three mistakes and lessons learned over the last six months while I've been away from the "podcast booth".

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In this episode we go deep into the differences between effective B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

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In this episode we talk about getting started with CRM software by discussing the five most important questions you need to ask when researching software.

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In this episode we talk about the SMART framework for setting actionable and achievable marketing and sales goals for your green industry company.

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In this episode we dive into the benefits of investing in content marketing and the expectations you should have in your investment.

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In this episode we breakdown the nine most important tasks related to search engine optimization that you should be handling in-house.

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Scaling a business is about achieving predictable annual growth by putting the right people, processes and technology in place. In this episode we discuss five marketing and sales related necessities for scaling your landscaping business.

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Inbound Recruiting... Get to know that phrase. In this episode of Smarketing Talk I introduce you to Inbound Recruiting and explain five basic steps that will allow you to turn your website into a recruiting machine.

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In this episode we talk about podcasting for lawn and landscaping industry companies and get into a discussion on hiring marketing help. Should you hire in-house or go the agency route?

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In this episode we dive into some real talk about search engine optimization (SEO) for landscapers, lawn care companies and others in the green industry.

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Chris Heiler discusses investing vs. spending on marketing tactics for your landscape business. He also discusses how to attract leads to your website with the Big 5 blog posts - and the astounding results companies have experienced by including them in their inbound marketing strategy.

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Smarketing Talk Ep. 4: Houzz for Your Landscaping Business and How to Measure the Success of Your Blog

Is social media worth the time and money? Should it be part of your landscaping company's marketing strategy in 2015? We dive into this question as well as the ROI of the niche social network Houzz. We also talk about how to measure the success of your landscaping blog. 

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3 Subjects Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies are Scared to Write About

In this episode of Smarketing Talk we dive into two emerging inbound marketing trends for 2015 and discuss three subjects lawn care and landscaping companies are reluctant to discuss on their websites.

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In this episode Chris recommends two apps for your business, talks about the challenges of getting buy-in as it relates to inbound marketing and rants about folks who use age as a crutch when it comes to adopting technology and new ways of doing business. 

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